School Improvement via External Reviews/Health Checks

What Might Be Offered?


1. Analysis of Raise, SEF and current data against the most recent Ofsted guidance and expectations with written feedback provided through a Pre visit briefing.


2. Discussion with HT/SLT about the possible focus of the visit following the analysis.


3. Full day visits to include all or some of the following:

  • Lesson observations – joints observations with HT, members of the senior leadership team using the latest framework – focus of observations agreed with school

  • ​Work scrutiny (with HT and members of the SLT if preferred) with feedback

  • Interviews with HT, SLT, subject/phase leaders, governors, pupils with follow up

  • Discussions and feedback

  • Learning walks and reference to expectations for the behaviour judgement (2014 update)

  • HT, SLT attendance at the team meetings

  • Full verbal feedback at the end of the day(\(\(s)


4. Written report with recommendations in priority order.


5. Advice on how these recommendations might be  



Who Would Do This?


The visits will only be undertaken by current Ofsted trained Lead Inspectors who are working with the latest framework and are experienced in school improvement. They will visit your school as independent consultants and will look at your current practice with the rigour that you would expect.

How Much Will It Cost?


Costs will vary as the visits to individual schools will be bespoke and will depend on the size of the school and its specific requirements.


In recent years many schools have found that the following pattern has met their needs:


  • Day 1 preparation (1 and 2 above)

  • Days 2 and 3 School based (3 above)

  • Day 4 (4 and 5 above)Day 4 (4 and 5 above)


Larger schools may want to have two consultants for Days 2 and 3 while smaller schools may only need 1 consultant for 1 day for the school visit. The daily rate will be £450.


How Will It Be Quality Assured?


Consultants used will be selected through the teaching school based on local knowledge and recommendations. Any

potential conflict of interests will be addressed to protect both the school and the visiting consultant. Schools will then make their own selection from the recommended list. All arrangements will be made between the school and the individual consultant. Schools will be encouraged to complete a post-visit questionnaire and feedback form. The teaching school will collate the feedbacks for future reference.


For further details contact:


Rhona Finnigan

Teaching School Administrator


Tel: 0151 288 6563