Research & Development Network

The Holy Rosary Teaching School Alliance is committed to improving pupils’ learning achievements by investing in the quality of teachers’ professional development.  Using research to inform classroom enquiry-based activity we aim to develop the best teaching and learning practices.


We aim to:


1. Develop a research culture across the alliance so that initiatives to raise achievement in identified areas are based on 

    established best practice.


2. Develop opportunities amongst staff in the alliance for innovative and creative pedagogical development


Innovation for improvement supports schools to work together to find new solutions to shared problems.  In 2014 we identified stretch and challenge, particularly for the more able, as an area that all our Alliance schools wished to develop. We recognise in order for research to inform practice effectively, teachers must engage with the research evidence, consider it in relation to their own practice, experiment with ideas from research and evaluate the results objectively. 


Working in partnership with Curee (Centre for the Use of research & Evidence in Education) we are developing a route map which collects evidence based good practice and adding our enquiries to it as we ‘grow’ our own expertise, this recording of our learning journey is developing  shared knowledge and building capacity for future teachers in our schools.


In Year 1 some of the areas we looked at were Kagan grouping, solo taxonomy, growth mind-sets.  In Year 2 we are building on these ideas of resilience, questioning and challenging every student appropriately ‘desirable difficulty’.


Our website provides a forum for communication and sharing of information about work led and undertaken by individual schools as part of this shared focus.


If you would like more information please contact:


Mrs Jenny Mills - Assistant Headteacher, Maricourt Catholic High School