Leadership Development Course

Course Overview

Who Is It For?


Teachers in the early stages of their career who are looking to develop their early leadership and co-ordinator skills (not suitable for NQTs)


What Does It Involve?


The course consists of 4 sessions (day 1 - full day and 4 half day sessions). Each delegate will need a link mentor in school for gap tasks and support.

Key areas covered during face-to-face sessions:


  • Establishing Priorities

  • Improving the quality of Learning & Teaching

  • Management and deployment of resources

  • Professional development and practical strategies to support subject leadership


Delegates will collate a practical working folder to use as a Subject Leader. Gap tasks will include observation, monitoring and leading projects/presenting information at whole school level.


Mentors will need to commit to a 1 hour review meeting with delegates following each of the face-to-face sessions.

Aims And Outcomes


It will give teachers at an early stage of leadership the chance to develop key skills, such as:


  • Effective action planning

  • Leading staff meetings and working with other staff

  • Measuring impact and identifying need

  • Effective subject analysis (e.g. work scrutiny) and review

  • Exploring and sharing best practice


Course Dates


Tuesday 10th February 2015
1pm to 4pm


Tuesday 3rd March 2015
1pm to 4pm


Facilitator: Briony Thompson

Education Adviser


Venue: Sefton Professional Development Centre (PDC)


Cost: £400 (includes course materials, refreshments and lunch on full session)


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