Basic Lesson Study Model of Support

The basic lesson study model of support involves one facilitator supporting two teachers.  The group will work as a three at all times during the process.  The two teachers being supported will jointly plan three lessons, complete two joint observations, teach one observed lesson and participate in three lesson evaluations and feedback.  They will then discuss, agree and document their own teaching and learning objectives with the facilitator.

The model is outlined below:

  • Day 1 - PM or twilight session - 2 hours

  • Day 2 - Full day which will include a learning walk at the supporting school

  • Day 3 - Full day, both supported collegues will be observed, involved in feedback/evaluation and agree objectives/support

COST - £600 (3 days facilitation and preperation) and the cost remians the same if it is for one or two teachers.

Additional Teaching and Learning Support

Cost - £100 for 1/2 day: a lesson observation and feedback

Cost - £200 for full day: joint lesson planning, a lesson observation, feedback and joint lesson planning for the subsequent lesson.