Alliance Stretch and Challenge Project Year 1 (2014)

Can developing a Growth Mindset raise attainment?  


This enquiry explored the educational theory of Growth Mindset (Dweck 2007) and whether it can help to encourage pupils to be resilient when faced with challenge and ultimately raise pupil’s attainment. 


Can self-differentiation maximise challenge and ensure progress?  


This enquiry focussed on allowing learners to take responsibility for the level of challenge in their work to ensure all learners are in the learning zone (Senninger, 2000).  It focussed on pitching complex theories at the whole class rather than the middle of the class and differentiating up or down.


Do the most able achieve more in mixed or most able ability groups?  


The aim of the study was to determine whether more able learners achieved better results when working alongside other more able learners or in mixed ability groups using Kagan structures. ( It also looked into how these groupings affected the outcomes achieved by the rest of the class during lessons and in the end of unit assessments.


Can giving the more able experience as ‘leaders of learning’ improve their own achievement?  


The aim of this study was to identify if using more able students as coaches could increase levels of attainment for these students.


Can using Solo extend and develop analytical responses?  


This enquiry focussed on two Solo taxonomy strategies to measure the biggest impact on progress: Hexagons and Thinking Squares.


Does the way we group children affect the level of challenge they experience?  


This enquiry considered how grouping children affected their level of challenge and the progress that they made. Particularly the progress of more able children during group work tasks. 


What is the impact of a multi-sensory approach to reluctant male writers in the primary school setting?  


This enquiry explores the impact of a multi -sensory approach to writing to see whether it helped to improve levels of engagement and overall attainment, particularly for reluctant writers.







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