About School to School Support

What is School to School Support?


One of the most effective ways of achieving school improvement is by working with other schools.  There are now many opportunities for school leaders and governors to work with and receive support from their peers. School to school support can lead to significant improvements in pupil outcomes as demonstrated nationally by National and Local Leaders of Education and National Support Schools. Support can be requested by an individual school who, through their self-evaluation program, have identified a specific need.  In addition the Department for Education, Ofsted or an equivalent body may identify that a school is in need of significant improvement and may need the support of the teaching school.  Some schools may wish to commission the services of the teaching school including system leaders to support the journey from good to outstanding

How To Commision Support

HRTSA is committed to school improvement through a school-led system of collaboration
and support. HRTSA has an established reputation for supporting and improving teaching and learning in a number of schools, particularly schools in challenging circumstances. HRTSA can provide a range of leaders, teachers and school practitioners, who are experts in their respective fields and qualified to support others who will work with you to identify solutions for long term sustainable improvement. Outlined below is our menu of support on offer:  


  • National Leader of Education (NLE) - £500 per day

  • Local Leader of Education (LLE) - £450 per day

  • Non-LLE accredited working as SLT - £400 per day

  • Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) - £350 per day   

  • Non-SLE accredited working as SLE - £300 per day

  • Staff member is charged at £300 per day

  • The supported school will pay 10% of the cost of the commission to the Teaching School as a brokerage fee.


SLE Specialisms


Early Years Foundation Stage   

Primary English and Phonics   

Primary Maths Teaching and Learning              

Primary and Secondary ITT  

School Business Management 

Secondary Teaching and Learning 

Secondary Maths 

Leadership of CPD


Secondary English

Physical Education

Special Education Needs

Religious Education 

Behaviour and Discipline


Other support available


Teaching and Learning Programmes

Subject and whole school diagnostics


Data analysis 

School Improvement via External Reviews/Health Checks

School Improvement Partner


The cost of support will be determined by a number of factors including the need, length and focus of any agreed work. Models and types of deployments will vary. Deployments could be for a single or few days to provide immediate support and diagnosis of issues discussed or may be for significant periods with an individual deployed in a school. 


Each School to School Support project/commission may involve an initial diagnostic exercise and completion of a report.  We will then review the most effective support available for the school, acting as a ‘broker’ to set up everything and to assist with any queries you might have.  We will be involved in regular quality assurance reviews of the support provided. All School to School Support plans will include exit arrangements and terms and conditions to ensure all agreement/expectations are understood by all parties.

Click here for the School to School protocol

For further information please contact:

Rhona Finnigan - Teaching School Administrator

Tel:- 0151 288 6563

Email:- ts.holyrosary@schools.sefton.gov.uk